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Monday, November 22, 2004

My connection with Marvin Minsky

I do not know why I am writing about this but I started a great book last night..... No I do not really know him but I have exchanged a few emails in the past with him about the book he coauthored with Harry Harrison named Turing Option. I was on a newsgroup and was in a thread discussing SciFi books that would make great movies. I had read Turing Option a few years before and wrote that I thought the book would lend itself quite well as a movie. Did not think too much of it until a couple of days later I found an email from a Marvin Minsky telling me about how the book was at one time being planned for a movie. The rights had been bought and the movie had gone into pre-production when funds had dried up. From what Dr. Minsky wrote, it was on hold. I also discussed if the book was going to be re-released since it was out of print (still is). He is a very likable person that I felt cared about what I thought. This from one of the great minds of our time. I have found a used copy of the book from a friend and am wondering if Dr. Minsky would sign it and send it back to me? The book really made an impression on me concerning technology and how it could/would be used in the future. Most of it will be wonderful but some will be downright frightening. I may email him and see what he says. If you get some time to read a fun book find it at a local used book stored. I recommend it.


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