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Monday, November 22, 2004

Using InnerExceptions and the Exception handling App Block in .NET

I am reading the Exception Management Architecture Guide and I have learned an interesting development idea. When working with exceptions you should always keep the exception relevant to the level it is on. Here is what the guide says, "When an exception is initially thrown, it provides information about the exact cause of the exception. As an exception propagates up the call stack, the exception type becomes less relevant. Wrapping an exception can provide a more relevant exception to the caller." I am kicking myself for not seeing that gem on my own. I love finding knowledge like this that makes my perception of software development clearer. InnerExcpetions and using them in your architecture will make the applications smarter and more flexible. I am not finished reading the guide but I know today I will learn a lot. Thanks to Kenny Jones, Edward Jezierski, Jason Hogg, Roberta Leibovitz (Modeled Computation) and Colin Campbell (Modeled Computation) for writing a great article.


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