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Monday, November 22, 2004

What are our Personal Brands these days and how do we find them?

Heather has another great blog entry that leads more into personal brands. I believe that we all play many roles that sum up to our personal brands. I think Heather is a great marketer, recruiter, entertainer and salesperson. We all have to be entertainers and salespeople in the blogsphere. If not who would want to read our blogs? Maybe that is why I only get 20-40 hits on my blog? :) 6 months ago, I did a big exercise. I went to each person I knew and felt very comfortable with and asked them what they saw as my strengths and weaknesses. It was hard since I got a lot of truth to face. I found that I am the type of person who needs to be acknowledged for my work and if I do not I lose enthusiasm for what and who I am working for. I kinda knew it but I had several people tell me that. I am also a procrastinator. I have known that since I was a kid and have worked very hard fixing that weakness/habit. I also learned that I am unique in the fact that I can find quickly anything that I need to know. I have always had that ability since I was a kid. People would ask about something and if we did not know it I would have the information back so to share it with everyone. I also remember abstract things well. I cannot remember names but I remember a piece of code from a magazine 3 years ago that I need now and know how to find it. But I do think that we all need to have the people we respect the most and who care and respect us to give us feedback about ourselves. I know I am a better person because of it. I have a great new gig because I know what makes me tick and motivates me. I need to be a upfront person from my personality. Take the plunge and be better!


  • Wow...after that endorsement, I'm thinking of taking my show in the road ; )

    You and I are a lot alike, Chris. That whole enthusiasm thing...that is actually one nice thing about get a lot of external support...people blogging about you, calling you an entertainer ; ) can really keep you motivated.

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