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Monday, November 22, 2004

Finally doing the Application Block Quick Start Ports to Delphi 2005

I was planning on porting all the Microsoft Application Blocks to Delphi 8 for .NET earlier this year but work got in the way and I could not find any time. Well this last weekend I finally found some time and started doing the ports. I am not going to try to port the actual Blocks but only the Quick Start applications to Delphi 2005. Why recreate the wheel right? So the first block I finished was the Exception handling block since it is used with all the other blocks. I will post that and the link to the project code soon. Just need to add some code documentation and write an article for it. I will submit it to the Borland Developer Network this week. Here is the list of what blocks I am looking at doing for now. I will do them all but I am starting with this to help with a project I am working on. 1. Exception Management Application Block 2. Logging Application Block 3. Data Access Application Block 4. Aggregation Application Block 5. Caching Application Block Will keep the blog updated in the status for the ports.


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