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Monday, November 15, 2004

EPA CDX - Central Data Exchange

Working on a government project has really been an eye opener in regards to seeing how a public organization thinks and behaves. The truth is that government is slow compared to the private sector (duh!!). I have found that there are some interesting things going on in the US government to use new technology for the better of the public. The project I am looking at right now is called EPA CDX - Central Data Exchange. The Central Data Exchange (CDX) enables fast, efficient and more accurate environmental data submissions from state and local governments, industry and tribes to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and participating program offices. Here is a link to find out about the EPA CDX project. Here is the page where we techheads can find out about the technology used for the project. I applaud the EPA to actually allow some of the technology ideas and details to be given to the public. I think all government projects should have tech details so that we the stakeholders can see for ourselves.


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