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Friday, October 29, 2004

Ramping Up on ASP.NET

So I am in an initial Analysis phase for the government project I started 3 weeks ago. One thing that is different with Government from the Public sector is the speed of deliverables. We have until November 17 to have the Analysis of the project finished and then have until January 15 to be finished with the Design phase. In most normal business projects I would have been given at most 4-6 weeks to do both. The government PM is a very good thinker and really wants us to think about and plan well. This system could be live for at least 10 years so there will be no budget for a replacement. On the tech side, I am trying to gather materials, articles, books and examples for some key areas that need to be addressed during the Design phase of the project. If any of the 2 or 3 readers of my blog have any suggestions for the following topics please give me them in comments: 1. Form Authorization in ASP.NET 2. Exception handling in ASP.NET 3. Reporting for viewing and downloading in PDF format The first 2 will be built into the new architecture. If you know of some good blogs or mailing lists that can help comment on them also. Trying to do it correct.


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