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Thursday, November 18, 2004

98% of the Information Infrastructure Will be Gone?

I have been listening to an old DotNETRocks episode with Keith Pleas and Harry Pierson. The topic of most of the discussion covers architecture and specifically SOA. Keith and Harry both hit on topics that I have been thinking about lately. First is the notion that we are not even in the BIG Push of the Informational Revolution. They made a comment that in the Industrial Revolution 98% of the infrastructure that existed before the revolution was retrofitted or replaced by new technologies. There are many correlations between that Revolution and the one that we are experiencing today. If you think that computers and technology is slowing down and we are seeing the end of innovation you are either trying to keep your job from changing or you do not see the big picture. You can carry a handheld computer that has the processing power of a supercomputer 20 years ago. And we are just tapping into the mobile and "always connected" possibilities today. The world will be very different when my 4 and 2 year old sons are going to college and starting their careers. So what I am writing about is that we need to see that how we process and deal with data and information needs to change from how we think today. We need to see that we do not have good ways to pass information around so that every system can understand and utilize it effectively. When that happens it will be like when electricity was standardized and things will really get interesting.


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