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Monday, July 26, 2004

Back from a short vacation

I am now back from the Annual Michigan State Alumni Golf Weekend. In short, it is a weekend of golfing, cards and catching up for a group of guys that became friends in the early 90's at Michigan State. We see each other during football games but this weekend we share a condo and can just hang. Very fun weekend that started out with a flat tire in Cinci on a new 2004 Honda Element which took 5 hours to hunt down someone who had the tire and could change it. You would think that any Honda dealership would have extra tires for all their cars but not this one. Seems like a service issue that should be fixed. Will be posting a lot this week and getting back into porting the Data Access Application Block for .NET example projects to Delphi 8 (from C#). I use Borland's BabelCode application to port the C# source to Delphi. Works OK and gives me a good starting point.


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