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Friday, July 16, 2004

New SQL Anywhere Studio 9 Developer's Book

One of the big issues I have with iAnywhere and Sybase is that there is not a lot of third party books to go with their products. The manuals they have are fine for reference but lack good examples. There is now a book that covers the version 9 of SQL Anywhere. I am going to grab it and pray that it helps and explains some topics like MobiLink and UltraLite better than the manuals. I need to find out any gotcha's and hope the book will shed light on the best practices. That is the problem with manuals from the company that develops the products. They almost never will tell you the quirks in their products. I am also going to try to find time and document what I discover about using the UltraLite.NET libraries for developing PocketPC applications. The libraries look very well done and match the Java libraries very close. So more soon.


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