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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

.NET Web Service Modelling in UML with Visio

I am trying and slowly getting up to speed on how to model ASP.NET web services in UML with Visio. I am using Visio for Enterprise Architects to do this. I have gained some insight from doing a reverse engineering of TaskVision but modelling web services is not as simple as it should be. But I am getting there. If there are any good examples out on the Net let me know. I am thinking of maybe doing my own tech article on this. But I do think that Visio is not the best tool today to model .NET software. I wonder what Microsoft or some third party are innovating today to make modelling easier for .NET. UPDATE -- Danny says that using ECO model drive architecture for building ASP.NET apps in Delphi 2005 Enterprise is much better than Visio. I have looked at ECO and I can say that Borland has a big hit on their hands. I really like the way ECO assists the developer to be more productive. If I could use Delphi 2005 for the ASP.NET development I might but we are using C# and VS.NET for this project and so I am using Visio since it came with VS.NET 2003 Architect and we do not have funds for another tool. Sometimes we all have to use tools that might not meet the expectations of the job.


  • Check out the ECO model drive architecture for building ASP.NET apps in Delphi 2005. It runs circles around Visio...

    By Blogger subliminal, at 4:26 PM  

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