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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Announcement: Data Access V2 and Exception Management Application Blocks Quick Sample Delphi 2005 Ports

I wanted to give the readers of my blog some (hopefully) big news. I have wanted to port the Quick Samples of the Application Blocks that Microsoft has released in the Patterns and Practices section of MSDN for about 6 months to Delphi for .NET. I have had some time the last week to get started on them. The Patterns and Practices Community is very active and has a number of Application Blocks that are used to promote good guidance with an emphasis on consistency, extensibility, ease of use and integration. I am in my spare time porting all the Application Blocks' Quick Samples. These give real world examples on how to use the Application Blocks in Delphi 2005 and many of the Examples also use other Application Blocks so that they use the best practices. I have ported the Exception Management Application Block for .NET and the Data Access Application Block V2 for .NET using Delphi 2005 Architect. I did not use VCL for .NET in porting the Blocks. Here are the links to the zip files that contain the source: 1. 2. I am going to write a short article for each and post them on my website but wanted to get them out. If you find any errors in the source please let me know. I checked and tested the applications but more testing will make them better. Thanks. UPDATE -- The links to the zip files are fixed. No more 404 errors.


  • I'm getting 404 errors on both zip files, Chris.

    Excellent work though - can't wait to check 'em out.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:34 AM  

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