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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Writing software on smart devices for older workers

I was in a meeting this morning with some Business Analysts and came out with some interesting ideas. These BA's had "interviewed" a number of clients that have used our handheld software in the past. Some clients have stopped using it (reason why we are having these meetings) and some are bearing the cross of the software since it helps them do their jobs a bit easier (if they are very careful). We collected all the user stories and talked about what the software needs to do, whom the software is intended for and what factors of the current PocketPC IU the intended users are not well equipped for. Here are the points that were identified: 1. Older users have a harder time reading the small fonts on most PocketPC software. 2. Older users have a hard time navigating the UI through very small spot on the screens. As an example navigating treeviews. 3. Users get frustrated when they have to click too many times to get to a very common and often used feature of the software. 4. Users want need to have as much flexibility in the software as possible. So from what I wrote you can see that our users are not hip young people that grew up with technology. Most are middle age men and women. Most of the men are blue collar and have lets say grizzly fingers that have a hard time using the stylus on the PocketPC's. So what I am doing this week is going deep into UX (User Experiences) and trying to make a new UI for the PocketPC software so that it can be used by anyone and with the fewest navigation steps. You would seem that would be obvious but most coders do not try to see the UX and only make the software easy to write and maintain. That is going to change!


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