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Monday, June 07, 2004

Change in direction on porting and namespaces in Delphi 8

So I got started on porting the first Application Block this weekend. It is the interesting to learn as you go. I have not been this challenged and allowed to use my mind as I want/wanted in a long time. That being said, I also have changed gears a bit. First I have changed the first project I am going to port. Instead of the Offline Application Block like I wrote about before, I am going to go with the Data Access version 2 Block. A bit simpler and also the offline block might be geared towards the PDA and Smart Phone side a bit more and Delphi 8 does not support those devices yet. The other interesting thing I never realized before since I am new to .NET is the lack of the keyword "namespace" in Delphi 8. Creating namespaces in C# and VB.NET is as simple as can be. In Delphi 8 the creation is a bit more complicated. Julian has his thoughts on the subject and I will write more when I dig into it more. So I hope everyone had a great weekend and now back to the work week.


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