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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Brain Dump

I have been so busy with work, jury duty and home that I wanted to do a brain dump of things that have been collecting: Free .NET Sample Book -- presents many technologies on .NET platform like security, cryptography, WMI, networking, IO and others. This is still in draft version and final one will be release on the end of 2004 focusing on Whidbey features. Here are the pdf and doc links for the book. The Lexington .NET Developer Group (LexDotNET) will be having 2 INETA sponsored speakers for our February 8 and April 12 meetings. Here are the details: February 8, 2005 -- Craig Utley will present "Design Patterns and .NET" Craig Utley is the President of CIOBriefings LLC, a consulting company focused on enterprise architecture, development team building and productivity, and business intelligence. Craig has been developing with Microsoft tools since the Visual Basic 1.0 days and has worked with companies of all sizes, helping them architect, design, and implement enterprise-wide applications on Microsoft technologies. His interest in developer productivity has led him into the world of design patterns, test-driven development (TDD), and agile/extreme methodologies. He is a published author of articles, courseware, and books, including the first book on VB .NET beta 2 that Microsoft authorized for release. He has been a frequent conference speaker at such conferences as ASP.NET Connections, SQL Server Magazine Connections, Microsoft's Developer Days, and more. He holds an MCSD and is a Microsoft MVP. April 12, 2005 -- Stephen Walther will present on ASP.NET (details coming soon) Stephen Walther is the author of the best-selling book on ASP.NET, ASP.NET Unleashed . He also wrote ASP.NET Kick Start , and contributed the database chapters to ASP.NET Tips, Tutorials, and Code. He created several ASP.NET best-practice applications for Microsoft. He was the lead developer of the ASP.NET Community Starter Kit and the the Issue Tracker Starter Kit. These applications can be downloaded from the official Microsoft site at He is a Microsoft Software Legend and Microsoft ASP.NET MVP. He has spoken at a number of major conferences including Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft DevDays, and ASP.NET Connections. Remoting example in Delphi 2005. Here is a simple demo showing how to remote data in Delphi 2005 using .Net Remoting. There is actually no additional code in the example since the app uses the new components RemoteServer/RemoteConnection and DataHub/DataSync to remote data over HTTP. That is one of the cool things with Delphi 2005... VS.NET 2003 does not allow you to do this as simple. Please note the following: 1. You have to manually fire up the server. This isn't like DataSnap where DCOM/COM will fire up the server for you. 2. The trickiest parts are the fact that you need to have (on the client) a Dataset component (or you could do it in code) to be filled by the DataHub, and that (on the server) you need to hook up the table to the DataSync's Provider. Note that the BDPAdapter's LiveData property has been set to true which creates the table.


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