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Monday, January 03, 2005

New role for me -- Recruiter (also a job opp)

Since I am the manager for the project I started back in October and we are letting the other developer on the project go this week (that will be a new topic later today), I have now added a new role to my job as recruiter. We are looking for a Database/Web Developer that is located within driving of Lexington, KY. what I am really looking for is a person that is very knowledgeable in MSSQL 2000 and that has some experience with C# and .NET but wants to get more. Actually this job has some good perks. If you know someone around this region that needs a new gig for the next 9-14 months let me know. I am excited about doing some recruiting responsibilities. I like talking to people and discovering what makes them tick. So in this month of "Be Nice to a Recruiter", please be nice to me.


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