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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Jury Duty

So I was selected to fulfill a duty as an American called Jury Duty. For all the non-Americans reading this blog, jury duty is a process set up by the Bill of Rights Amendment VI where all citizens accused of a crime are afforded to a trial with a jury of their peers. So the end result is that I will be in the jury pool until January 28. Today I had my first day of sitting in the court room. All the selected jurors waited until 10:30AM and we were excused due to the litigators not be able to agree on some items unknown to us. So I will be back in the same court room on Thursday. I am looking forward to seeing the trial system process at work but it does affect the project I am leading. I guess we all have to make sacrifices for the freedom we have. I can give around 5 days this month. There are a lot of others that are giving their lives.


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