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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Networking in Today's Work Climate

Bill Canning has a great take on why we should all keep our resumes up and current where ever it lives on the Internet. I need to update mine and added a new task to Outlook to do it tonight. The truth is I have been doing what Bill recommends doing when a recruiter contacts you. If I am not interested in the opportunity I will offer to forward an email describing the job and the recruiter's contact info to the few mailing lists I am involved with. I will also pass the information along to individuals that I think may be interested. The reason I do this is simple: to help my friends and to also gain a good reputation with recruiters. If you help a recruiter then they remember you and keep you in a tighter circle of contacts because of the favor. I have never received a cash reward but it would not hurt to get some cash for helping match a job to a worthy worker. Keep in mind that business in just a constant creation of relationships and through strengthening these ties we gain a stronger and wealthier network. I found Bill's entry and blog from Gretchen.


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