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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

DPack: My favorite VS.NET 2003 Add-in is now version 1.3.3

Here's what's new in this release:

  • Framework Browser add-in - added new "Show Help" button. This is a very cool feature IMHO. It allows one to open VS.NET help for the selected type. Alternatively, F1 key could be used in the dialog in place of the new button. I highly recommend that you give this add-in a try.
  • Framework Browser add-in - modified to cache delegate types.
  • Bookmarks add-in - added Ctrl-Shift-Alt-C shortcut for Clear All Bookmarks command.
  • File Browser and Code Browser add-ins - fixed a problem with add-ins not being able to open linked files on certain projects (dialogs loading times have improved due to this fix).
  • Bookmarks and Code Navigation add-ins - disabled VS.NET startup warning dialog regarding keyboard mapping scheme for.
  • Miscellaneous minor UI tweaks.
  • Added J# support for all add-ins.
  • Introduced preliminary Chrome support for all add-ins (see for more information).

The new is available at


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