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Friday, December 17, 2004

My Goals for 2005

So I am thinking about the next year. I have done quite a bit this past year. Here is the list: 1. Found a job that allows me to grow technical and management skills. 2. Received a promotion to lead the team that I am working with. 3. Seen my son Spencer grow up from a toddler to a young boy of 4. He has taught me to never stop asking questions and never slow down. 4. I have watched my youngest son Nolan learn to walk and start talking. He has taught me how to always look deep at things and not to jump without thinking. 5. Found more things that I love about my wife. I could not even think of where I would be without her. 6. Discovered that it is very important to have a full meaningful spiritual life. Just having faith makes a big difference. I am now trying to think of my goals for 2005. here is my initial list: 1. Develop my technical skills to be a Microsoft MVP. 2. Help make Delphi 2005 a top .NET development tool. NEW 3. Develop better business skills to build my consulting firm. 4. Attend Toastmasters to become more comfortable in public speaking and gain more self confidence. 5. Write 5 technical/business articles to publish 6. Most importantly... become a better father, husband and friend to the people around me.


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