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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

UltraLite.NET and Data

So I am developing some applications for the PocketPC platform using iAnywhere's UltraLite. UltraLite is the small footprint database for devices in the same family of databases as SQLAnywhere. I really enjoy UltraLite and SQLAnywhere for the easy data synchronization. You can have the two sides sending data back and forth within a couple of hours and also have the flexibility on how and what data gets synced. The synchronization technology for this is called MobiLink and the nice thing about MobiLink is that it can be used to share data between UltraLite and almost any relational database including Sybase, SQLAnywhere, MS SQL Server, Oracle and DB2. You just need to create some tables and stored procedures in the consolidated database that you wish to sync with UltraLite. MobiLink can also sync data between large remote databases so that if you have a mobile workforce or remote offices that need data sync they can be served quickly. The issue I am having at this time UltraLite.NET does not support ADO.NET so all the great examples out in the world must be changed to fit into the way iAnywhere designed the data access layers for it. There are some simple examples to populate DataGrids and ListBoxes but if you go beyond that it gets a bit more complex. So if anyone who reads this has used UltraLite.NET for real world application development please be my friend and share some knowledge. Thanks


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