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Monday, August 09, 2004

This Week's Task List

I usually would not post about my work week (which seems to be all 7 days now) but these days I am in the middle of the Terralant brainstorming and ramp up. Lots of things to do. Here are a few: 1. Get Silverback out and into people hands. Silverback is a tool I wrote for creating and modifying database stored procs, views and triggers quickly against SQL Anywhere databases. It will be free but not open sourced. I hope to get it out by Wednesday. Announcement will be posted here and as many places as I can find. 2. I have to redesign the Terralant web site. I threw up a template site that looks bad and have not had much time to get a new fresh design made. Mostly because I am not a web designer. If there is anyone out there that point me to a good affordable web designer that needs and has time time to build a great image for Terralant I would appreciate it. I have a logo so we have colors and a starting point. 3. I also have a personal mission to port all the Microsoft Application Blocks examples to Delphi 8 for .NET. I am working on the Data Access Block currently. Helping in the conversion is the use of BabelCode from Borland. I hope to get 9 Blocks done by September 1. 4. Still have a 8 to 5 job and have several projects that have almost unrealistic deadlines. 5. Have a side project to help pay for the Terralant progress. 6. Starting Toastmasters tomorrow morning. It is a "sunrise" (6:30AM to 7:30AM) version of Toastmasters so I am hoping it will fit into my tight week. 7. And most important task... to spend some time with my boys and wife to show them that I do not forget them and love them very much. I have 4 and 1.5 year old boys that tell me each night that I better get to work after dinner. Kinda sad but I am working hard now to have things smooth in the Fall.


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