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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Boyd Multerer - Building a great development team (from Channel9)

I love Channel9 and the interviews with the Microsoft people. There are a few favorites I enjoy always watching when new interviews come up. But I think my new favorite is Boyd. Boyd is the Development Manager with the XBox Live team. Take a look at the video and decide which type of developer you are. I think I am a broad thinker that looks at the connections between technologies. I enjoy that someone values a diverse team and not just having all people that are the same. I have even written Boyd's comments down in my personal idea book that I keep important ideas, quotes and my views and goals in. I cannot wait until Channel9 get the interviews that were done with the marketing people at Microsoft. Those should be different and having different topics is the best thing that Channel9 has going for it. Watch the Video


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