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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Software Accountablity and Health

I am listening to Kent Beck's talk about Developer Testing. There are 2 good topics: Software Health
  • How does your software handle stress? How do you handle stress? When you are seated at your desk can someone determine how you handle stress? No since you are not under stress at that time. So how can a developer know how his software will handle stress without putting it under stress. That is one area of developer testing that most people miss.
  • How does your software handle change: change in the requirements, customer base, load and/or usage patterns? So do we as developers even think about these topics?
  • Is your relationships that are based on your software healthy? Do you have good relationships with your coworkers, management and/or your customers? That is very important.
Accountability Based on your health and your software health, are you accountable? Do you feel that you can be accountable? Are you confident that your software will not have a rash of bugs and errors? Should you not go to sleep each night knowing that your software meets your level, your group's and finally your organization's accountablity? In the end all this can be helped and improved by using Test-Driven Development. Kent brings up the excuse that some groups have testers and QA groups. But where is the cheapest place to fix the error? Right after the code is written or 6 months down the road after QA or a customer finds it and you as the developer do not remember the code that the error exists in? If you had some units tests that made you accountable and your software healthy you just improved your health because you do not have the stress and fear of unknown errors in your software.


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