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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

One reason why I do not like to work for a masculine type organization

This Fast Company column about "When the golden Rule Doesn't Work" is why I do not like to work for male dominated companies. I dislike going into a meeting where I know that people (more than likely the guys) are going to open both barrels just to make some noise and try to look good. The bosses do it so they look to still have the power and the young guys do it to try to get attention. The main point of most meetings is to come together and get to a solution quickly and effectively. Some people use meetings to show how much they know and just be devil's advocate. Now that is fine sometimes when you have a brainstorming meeting but for the most part (in my career), meetings are where the people who have been doing the work, thinking and being creative bring the results to the masses. So how can a person who has seen the solution for 5 minutes thinks that he knows the better path? If I am running a meeting and it is turning into a bodybuilding contest I will try to end it quickly and let the people that are valuable get back to bring value to the organization.


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