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Friday, September 17, 2004

Without Delphi there would be no .Net

Brad has an interesting post that has received quite a lot of responses. Now I know that the foundations of .NET has been in the works for at least 1997. From my foggy memory, I remember reading that Microsoft acquired a company that developed technology that would become the CLR. Have to dig through Goggle to get the details. I do think that C# has been greatly influenced by Delphi just like Swing was influenced for Java by Delphi's VCL. That is a great compliment to Borland and the engineers that developed the first version of the VCL back in 1994 and 1995. Update -- Kevin pointed out and beat me to the info. Colusa’s Omniware VM was the technology Microsoft acquired for the basis of the CLR. Thanks Kevin.


  • You're think of Colusa‚Äôs Omniware VM. Microsoft based the CLR on Colusa technology. However, the language features of C# and the FCL itself were greatly influenced by Delphi I believe...


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